Online Learning at WOLI

Online Learning is a widely used and well-respected method of teaching students without requiring them to attend scheduled classes in actual classrooms.

At Washington Online, students use their computer to log in to an online classroom on the Internet at any given moment, from any location.

At the Washington Online Learning Institute, we go beyond most online schools and provide our students with a rich sense of community.

Students at WOLI are able to communicate freely with their instructors and fellow students using our state-of-the-art online learning facilities.

Going to school should not interrupt your personal and professional life

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A Proven Success

Online learning is not just a convenient and fun way to learn. Scientific studies have conclusively demonstrated that online learning via computer is actually superior to traditional classroom studies.

In one study, online students at the California State University at Northridge tested on average 20% higher than their traditional classroom counterparts. Furthermore, they finished the course with a better understanding of the materials.

Our Approach

At WOLI we are committed to providing the best environment possible to facilitate learning. Each student at WOLI has a student account in the online classroom. Students may log in to the classroom at any time of the day or night to review the course materials, catch up on the ongoing discussions, or even to chat with fellow students and instructors.

Our Certificate Programs include courses that cover both core subjects and practical knowledge and skills. All of our courses are taught by experienced professionals who understand exactly what their students need to know on the job. Our paralegal courses are all taught by experienced attorneys.

An outline for each course is presented in the Online Classroom that clearly describes the subject matter and guides you through the reading assignments in the corresponding textbooks.

Self-graded quizzes are available in the Online Classroom to help you assess your progress. Your final grade is determined by your performance on periodic examinations and assignments throughout the program, class participation, and a final exam at the end of your studies. Instructors are always available via email and live chat for specific personalized assistance.


Online learning has its roots in correspondence courses and other distance education methods that have existed for more than 100 years. We feel that online learning it is far superior to these older methods.

Today, thousands of online courses in every imaginable subject are offered by educational institutions around the world.

Enrollment at online schools has exploded in recent years. In 2005, more than 2.5 million students were enrolled in online courses, and the number is increasing steadily each year.

Never Miss A Class Again

From your own personal computer, you will have unlimited access to your course materials. You will be able to interact with instructors and fellow students in a dynamic atmosphere impossible to achieve in a lecture hall.

Our easy-to-use Online Classroom makes it very easy for you to get every bit of information about the class. All course materials are available for your review and participation at any time of the day or night. Although there are no scheduled meetings to attend, you will still experience a dynamic learning environment.